Fallin in Love with the Steelband Conference

Extempo Steelband will play at the 7th biennial steelpan conference 20th October 2018 at the Tabernacle in London.

We do our set of music. At the end we open up the last two tunes  for present panplayers who would like to join us and jam! Soloists can join in – or all, who have their pan with them and are able to follow the music and jam with us. The following audio homestudio recordings give you an idea how basicaly we play this music. If you can play with these audios below, you can as well play with us on the night! You don’t have to play exactly how we do it. If you have the right feel for it, that’s ok. Martin, our musical director, will try to guide the whole thing. It will be great – we are looking foreward to it !!

Extempo also plays at the Yaa Centre 19th October, we have guest soloists there, but no jam, this is reserved for the 20th.

Fallin in Love

The form is AABA. When somebody is doing a solo, the melody is not played to all the A parts. This gives room to for the soloists. The melody is always played by the band in all the B Parts. This means, that solos go only over A-parts. When soloing or jamming, the first AA of each form areplayed in breaks, this should give a structure to the music and give the soloist a chance to be heard even though a lot of musicians are jamming. Check it out, when you listen to it, you will hear what I mean. We play the tune in C.

Old Lady walk a mile and a half

We play the tune the same way we did on the following youtube movie. We recorded this 2013, when Andy Narell was visiting us. When soloing or jamming the band is accompanying like what you here on the movie. We play the tune in G. We do it nice and slow. Imagine the old Lady walking. Also here, you don’t have to learn the arrangement. Listen to it and be prepared and join in when you feel it is time or when Martin signs you you to join.