Concert with Symphonic Orchestra 2022 (english version)

In June 2022, Extempo Steelband from Winterthur Switzerland and the symphonic orchestra Camerata Salonistica from St. Gallen Switzerland premiered the concert ‚Fiesta Latina‘ at the concert hall Fürstenlandsaal Gossau, Switzerland.

Martin Grah, the musical director of Extempo, wrote arrangements for orchestra and steel band for this occasion, supported by Willy Kotoun, head of percussion and experienced professional musician. An intensive collaboration developed between the two and Michael Schläpfer, the conductor of the orchestra.

Both the steelband and the orchestra consist of mainly amateurs. Everyone gave their very best and the musicians as well as the audience had a great experience.


All pieces played by Extempo alone or together with Camerata Salonistca, without anouncements.

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Pictures of the concert

Voices from the audience

Bravo to Extempo and the Camerata Salonistica orchestra for an amazing concert combining steeldrums and orchestra, achieving new sounds and charming music. Very refreshing and inspiring to see all the musicians enjoying a new experience. I hope this will be performed again soon for the enjoyment of many audiences. After playing concerts all my life at Chicago orchestras and Tonhalle Zürich, I recommend this music to everyone.

Joe Klingelhoffer
  • Once again experienced wonderful musical, creative moments
  • We always appreciate the varied program, the imaginative compositions of the orchestra and other musical performers.
  • Many thanks for the great musical experience! The joy of the musicians spilled over to the audience!
  • The music was surprisingly not too loud. Super ‚good mood music‘.
  • Great concert, excellent arrangements, top performance.
  • Interesting and a lot of variety – many thanks
  • Great and very atmospheric
  • Was suuuper!
  • Very entertaining.
  • Dear Michael, dear Martin, we enjoyed the concert to the fullest. It was a highlight for us because R. also played in a salon orchestra for decades and we both played in a steelband for decades. You have managed the combination fantastically. We can imagine what’s behind it all and congratulate you on the concert! R&M
  • It was great. Good mix of lesser known and hits. Repeat!
  • Very nice concert! I liked the interplay of the orchestra with the steelband very much. The choice of pieces was very varied with its catchy and partly well-known melodies. An all around successful pleasure for the ears.
  • Great lighting effects
  • exciting combination (classical music and steel band) with beautiful arrangements
  • The far journey was so worth it, the concert was super great
  • I would have loved to dance to this great music, too bad I had to sit“ (S. from Colombia, our exchange student)
  • it was such a great project and a lot of fun“ violinist from Camerata
  • I liked the Air on a G-String the most. The way the orchestra started and then the steel band joined in, that was beautiful. I loved the whole concert anyway!
  • Incredibly impressive what you have done here! I didn’t know Steeldrums, but I was very impressed by the collaboration with Camerata!
  • The high expectations were clearly exceeded!
  • We never thought that classical music would fit very well into the repertoire of a steel band.
  • The Air on a G-String in the interplay was a total surprise and was awesome!
  • Very great sound! I already knew that an orchestra has many beautiful sounds. But that the sounds of the steel band could be integrated in such a harmonious way, that was the highlight of the evening! I am very curious how the recordings will sound.
  • A unique event in both senses of the word on a very high level of both orchestras. Too bad there are no more concerts, would come again!
  • Sophisticated arrangements, there was certainly a lot of work behind it.