Midi steelpan sounds

This page contains a few tunes with our sampled steelpan sounds. Listen to this with either good headphones or a good sound system and forget about the loudspeaker in your computer!

The following two tunes use midi exclusively.

Stuck on you
Careless whisper

The following tunes have the tenor, that is really played. All the rest are midi-instruments.

Girl from Ipanema
Old lady walk a mile and a half
Ay cosita linda Mama

The next tune is a repertiore arrangement of an original composition called „Bake and shake“ by Martin Grah. He has done the arrangement together with Willy Kotoun. There are 7 audio versions used here, one in medium tempo with all the instruments in stereo. 6 versions are slow ones for the different sections, turn the balance to the left and to the right and hear what happens.

All 212
Tenor 192
Double Tenor 192
Second 192
Guitar 192
Bass 192
Rhythm Section 192

Now a few arrangements for steelband and orchestra. Here everything is made with midi-instruments:

Love’s theme
Something stupid
Can’t take my eyes off you

The following link leads to a live recording of the last tune above, check out the difference of the midi sounds and the live recording:

Can’t take my eyes off you